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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113915555231266282722268139*Vindika N ChandrasiriVermont South2017/2018Howard Wilson Shield3 1Nunawading
210114946491266282722281101Heshan T WanniarchchigeVermont South2017/2018Howard Wilson Shield5 1Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
380367837126628272228180Matthew BrightVermont South2017/2018Howard Wilson Shield5 1Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
480360495126628272114580Darren MilneVermont South2017/2018D Grade1 1Blackburn
579367837126628272228279Matthew BrightVermont South2017/2018Howard Wilson Shield6 1Deakin
678360205126628272115678*Steven TailbyVermont South2017/2018D Grade2 1South Sharks
763576045126628272116563*Jayden McLeodVermont South2017/2018D Grade4 1Heatherdale
858367837126628272227258*Matthew BrightVermont South2017/2018Howard Wilson Shield4 1Doncaster
955359865126628272226255Steve StaddonVermont South2017/2018Howard Wilson Shield2 1Wyclif
1055360205126628272115755Steven TailbyVermont South2017/2018D Grade3 1Wyclif
1151359655126628272117951*Drew GriffinVermont South2017/2018D Grade6 1Bulleen Templestowe
1251392407126628274577151*Russell BondVermont South2017/2018E Grade2 1Nunawading
13503129126628274577250*Simon L DalrympleVermont South2017/2018E Grade3 1Park Orchards
1450355080126628274577150*David MeachenVermont South2017/2018E Grade2 1Nunawading
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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