Team of the Century

The following teams were selected by the Life Members as the best teams of the Vermont South Cricket Club 1st & 2nd XI up to 31/12/1999. Qualifying criteria was a minimum of 30 games in the grade as of the end of the 1998/99 season.

1st XI
Graham McKenzie
David Mann
Anastasius Apostolopoulos
Graham Matthews
Grant Wain
Brad Allen
Troy Harbinson
Gary Butcher
Ron Wilson
Michael Tutchener
David Scott (12th Man)

2nd XI
John Baxter
Darren Milne
Andrew Paroissien
Noel Kiefel
Mark Weatherill
Steve Tailby
Matt Emery
Grant Weatherill
Daryl Morgan
Rod Farrow
Andy Collins
Ian Bell (12th Man)