Match Report

The battle for the premiership in A1 grade in 1985/86 came down to the two best sides during the year, Vermont South and Blackburn South. Vermont South had finished on top of the ladder but the two sides were very evenly matched for ability. Vermont South batted first and lost early wickets before a great fightback by Ron Wilson and Colin Palmer. We managed a competitive but not outstanding score of xxx. Ron Wilson was was the star of the innings with xx runs. Ron was so tired after his innings (in hot conditions) that he had a shower and didn't take the field immediately, giving 12th man Darren Milne the opportunity to spend some time on the field.

Blackburn South also started their innings badly, losing three early wickets, thanks to some great bowling from John Mann. John had been the mainstay of the bowling all season, on many occassions opening the bowling with his lethal left arm spin. Blackburn South set about on a good recovery and were able to get within 4 runs with three wickets still in hand. It was then that possibly the most amazing sequence of cricket occurred in the history of the Vermont South Cricket Club. Colin Palmer took a great catch at short leg to take the 8th wicket, and soon after ......... took the 9th wicket. The match was poised with scores tied, Blackburn South having one wicket in hand.

John Mann bowled a delivery to the batsmen that was pushed to mid wicket for a single. David Mann fielded the ball and whipped the return into his and John's father Jack (the wicketkeeper) who effected a runout. The match was tied and both sides were awarded the premiership in this season.

The spectacular finish left Vermont South celebrating awin that looked extremely unlikely only minutes earlier. The celebration scenes at the clubrooms that night would rank with any event seen at the club before or since. The highlight may have been Mark Weatherill wearing "The Mark Weatherill Stand" banner as a cape all night and trudging off home late in the night still managing to cling to it, or it may have been Brad Allen's drinking competition with Darren Milne, ending in Darren being "helped" home by his father Doug (and proceeding to fall asleep while sitting on the toilet). Whatever the highlight was those who celebrated that night will always remember the great feeling the clubs first A1 premiership was.