New Social Rooms

It had long been a dream of the members of the Vermont South Cricket Club to build their own social rooms, and be able to move out of the brick football change rooms that they had made their home for approx.10 years. Under the guidance of the President of the time, Darren Milne, a building sub-committee was formed. This committee comprised Darren Milne, Doug Milne, Andrew Paroissien and Simon Meade.

Many submissions had been proposed over the years for the new clubrooms but a proper investigation of the possibilities led the building committee to realise that the only viable solution was a single storey building adjacent to the existing rooms (so that existing toilet facilities could be utilised). The school would not allow any other area to be used and budget constraints said that new toilets were not possible. The members agreed to this and the building committee set out to determine where the necessary funds were going to be drawn from.

With $30,000 in the bank, and an expected $5,000 to be raised in a "Buy a Brick" fund raiser, the club was approx. $15,000 short of the required funds to complete the project. A proposal to the Nunawading Council saw the approval of a $15,000 low interest loan. The funds were now in position.

Ex-President and draftsman, Peter Matthews, offered his time and skills at no cost to the club to design the building and draw it to the requirments of the local council. This alone saved the club many thousands of dollars and without this the project could not have proceeded under budget. Much time was spent by Peter and Darren Milne (who worked in the building industry) in redesigning various parts of the building to ensure the club got the largest possible floor area, and the best possible value for money. Finally, with the committment of some of the members to complete some of the works themselves, a design was completed that was within the budget.

Darren Milne let the construction contracts and he and Peter Matthews supervised the construction of the rooms. It was a very exciting time. As the trade work neared completion it became time to complete much of the finishing work. Andrew Paroissien was tireless in his painting efforts, spending almost every night after work over a 4 week period, completing all the internal painting. Simon Meade was Andrew's "apprentice", also spending many hours painting, and Jim Farrow also took some of the painting load. Chris Meade supervised the laying of the decking, and Darren Milne took charge of the stainless steel verandah balustrading. The bar joinery was installed and the landscaping was completed. Many members played a part in this process and without their help the project would not have been completed.

The budget was so tight that carpet could not be afforded at this time. A long standing member, who wished to remain anonymous and became known as Mr. X, paid for the carpet on an interest free loan to the club. This polished off the rooms. This member was a founding member and treasurer in the early years of the club, many years later it was announced this was Adrian Bullen.

The grand opening of the rooms was held in November 1995. There was a huge turn up, with many past members joining the current members for this great social occasion. There was approx. 150 people attended that night. Pacey & Hyphen (Denham Roberts and Keith Webb-Johnson) played guitar and entertained the crowd until the wee hours of the morning. This social function, like the celebrations after the 1985/86 1st Eleven premiership, had a great spirit, and all those who were there will long remember them.

The following pictures relating to the construction of the social rooms are shown here:

During construction
Some of "The Legends"of the club at the opening
People enjoying the night
The Band entertaining the crowd