Club Legend - Daryl Morgan

Daryl is a foundation member of the club having played in the first season of 1977/78. Who would have ever guessed the influence Daryl would have at the club in the years to come.

Daryl played 184 games for the club and took 399 wickets. This stood as a club record for many years after his retirement. He won the 2nd eleven bowling award 3 times and was the inaugural winner of the Player Performance Award in 1985/86.

However it was off the field that he is record is even more imposing. Daryl begin his stint as Secretary in 1985/86 and remained in the job for 11 years. His contribution to the club during this time was immeasurable. Daryl redined the professionalism attached to the job of Secretary during his time in the role. Also during this time he served on some committees within the BHRDCA and became a very well known face in the Association.

Daryl was awarded Life Membership of the club in 1989/90. It would be fair to say that Daryl's conribution is the equal of any for the club in it's history.