Club Legend - Andrew Paroissien

Andrew (better known to all at Vermont South as "Paro") played his junior cricket with the Forest Hill Cricket Club. A talented junior cricketer, he decided to try out at district club Ringwood. After three seasons at Ringwood, Andrew decided he would return to local cricket.

His parents lived a stones throw from the Vermont South Cricket Club,and he already knew quite a few players at the club. So in 1987 he decidedto join Vermont South rather than return to Forest Hill.

He immediately made an impression and became a quality second eleven player in his first year at the club. 490 runs at 54.44 helped him win the batting average and this performance, particularly his performance in the finals, underpinned the second elevens premiership victory in this year.

Andrew has played most of his cricket in the first and second elevens since joining the club and has also kept wickets for much of this time. He has played in five second eleven premierships in his years at the club.

Andrews biggest contribution to the club however has been in his roles off the field. He joined the committee in 1990/91 and two years later took over the role as Treasurer. He filled this role for ten seasons. He is the longest serving Treasurer in the clubs history. He has been a tireless worker for the club over all his years and was rewarded in 1993/94 & 1997/98 with the Presidents Award.

He is also well known for his abilities at the bar, and his performance on End-Of-Season cricket trips have been a highlight. Andrew will no doubt serve the club for many more years to come.

Andrew was rewarded for his years of service at the club by being awarded life membership in 2001.