Selection Policy

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee shall consist of a Chairman of Selectors and the Coach/Captain of each team. The Selection Committee will make the official announcement of teams on the Thursday night prior to the match commencement and the teams will also be posted on the VSCC website.

The first eleven team selections shall consist of Chairman of Selectors, Coach and the first and second eleven Captains.

The second eleven team selections shall consist of Chairman of Selectors, Coach and the first, second and third eleven captains.

The third and fourth eleven team selections shall consist of Chairman of Selectors, Coach and the second, third and fourth eleven captains.

Criteria for Selection

The Selection Committee will balance the selection criteria to the best of its ability.

Criteria used by the Selection Committee for team selection includes (but is not limited to):

Team Balance – Teams will be selected in priority from first XI through to the fourth XI. Each team will have a fair balance of batsmen, bowlers, and a wicketkeeper.

Player Ability – A player’s natural ability will be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate level that they play.

Current Form – A player who performs above or below their current grade will be considered for promotion or demotion.

Training – Where two players meet the other selection criteria, a player who has a better training record will be preferred.
Players are members of the club, and are not guaranteed selection in a particular team. Players (other than Captains) must be available for any team playing on a day for which they are available.
If a player has advised they have a preference for a particular type of cricket (e.g. One Day grade) this will be considered by the Selection Committee where possible and in the context of the criteria stated in this policy.


Only financial players will be considered for selection after the 15th November unless suitable arrangements have been agreed with the Treasurer.

Unavailable for Selection

Players must advise the Chairman of Selectors, Coach or the team Captain if unable to play. Players can also advise unavailability by email, phone, text, or place their name on the unavailability board mounted on the wall in the clubrooms. If this is not done, the assumption will be made that you are available to play.

Players are requested not to leave this until the Thursday selection night.


Players are expected to attend two training session per week. Please advise your captain or the Coach if you are unable to train in any week. 

Communication with Selection Decisions

Any player may request an explanation of selection decisions from his captain or the Chairman of Selectors. The captain of a team which drops a player will inform the player of the reasons for the decision, preferably prior to announcement of the teams.

Any player/member who is unhappy with the selection process or with any member of the Selection Committee should take their concerns to the Chairman of Selectors in the first instance.