Junior Development Program

Season 2012/13 saw the return of the Junior Development Squad (JDS). Those that have been involved with the Vermont South Cricket Club for a number of years are aware of what the program is, how it works and the benefits it brings to the future of the club. This page gives an overview of the JDS for those that are hearing about it for the first time, as well as providing details of the 2018/19 squad.

What is the JDS?
History of the JDS

Goals of the JDS


2018/19 Squad
JDS Auction

JDS Champions

What is the JDS?

Due to the nature of the program the JDS is an ‘invite only’ squad for players under the age of 21 playing for the Vermont South Cricket Club.

The squad participates in additional training sessions and uses the services of some of the best specialist coaches available in Victoria, with an aim to develop and improve all members within the squad. Through this additional coaching and improvement in players we hope to achieve a steady inflow of quality and well coached cricketers into our senior grades and beyond.

History of the JDS

The JDS was a unique program introduced to VSCC by club Life Member and past President, Chris Matthews at the start of the 1993/94 season.

The JDS at its peak was a program that was envied by all other Box Hill Reporter Clubs, and provided the opportunity for all players involved to develop their skills to become better cricketers and future leaders of the club. The program ran with enormous success and during the late 1990’s it would be the norm for ‘try outs’ to occur during June and July with a final cut just to make the squad. The players who were involved in the program during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, provided the backbone to the most successful era in our senior clubs history from 2004 to 2009.

The JDS ceased at the end of the 2002/03 season. However, with a desire to focus more resources on our younger senior players and up and coming junior players, the JDS was reintroduced in 2012/13. The feedback regarding the reintroduction from players, parents, coaches and committee was positive and the JDS is here to stay!

Goals of the JDS
To provide the highest quality of coaches available.

To provide an environment where there is equal opportunity for all JDS members in every game and every training session.

Develop a program where younger members of the club continually aim to be part of, so they can develop their cricketing potential.

Develop leadership qualities of all squad members, so that they become positive role models amongst their peers.


Unfortunately accessing the best coaches and additional training sessions (often indoors) costs money, so we are always on the lookout for sponsors.

All money received from fundraising and sponsorship is invested directly back into the players within the squad.

2018/19 Squad Members

The 2018/19 squad is currently being finalised with a captain and vice captain to be announced in the coming weeks:

Steven Curley
Josh Dalrymple
Zach Hanlen
Rohan Kannan
Gopi Mahindajit
Lochie Newton
Eshaan Patel
James Vaughan
Oscar Vaughan
Grant Weaver
Rory Wilson

JDS Auction

The JDS auction is a fundraising event where each of the players within the squad are put up for auction to be purchased by players, parents, members, whoever!

During the season, the players earn points during each game for runs, wickets, partnerships, catches, run-outs etc, and at the end of the season a JDS Champion (and 2nd and 3rd place) is awarded at the Senior Presentation Night. The sponsor of the JDS Champion, and sponsors of the players who finish 2nd and 3rd will also receive a prize.

All money raised from the auction is invested directly back into the players within the squad.

Mark Arnot Shield

Mark Arnot (Arnie) was a past member of the JDS squad at VSCC during the 90s and went onto play in a Premier 1st XI premiership with Hawthorn Waverley. Arnie returned to VSCC as Captain Coach in 2003/04 where he guided us through our clubs most successful period – numerous Shield finals appearances and a Grand Final.

At the conclusion of the 2008/09 Arnie was appointed as Captain Coach of Ainslie Park.

To commemorate the service Arnie has provided to both clubs, the Mark Arnot Shield was created as a trophy to be awarded to the winner of the development squad match between Vermont South and Ainslie Park.

JDS Champions

1992/93: Justin Farrow
1993/94: Derek Hill
1994/95: Stephen Plumridge
1995/96: Luc Matthews
1996/97: Mark Arnot
1997/98: Cory Durie
1998/99: Greg Jones
1999/00: Kellie Jones
2000/01: Matt Williams
2001/02: Tom Lee
2012/13: Jayden McLeod
2013/14: Billy Hope
2014/15: Matt McNulty
2015/16: Tom Cunningham
2016/17: Tom Cunningham
2017/18: Zach Flintoff